Thesis Proposal

Revised Thesis
Proposed Thesis Topic:
Due to the social and economic crisis that has occurred in the city of Detroit, MI, there
exists a desire for change and a reinterpretation of government, housing, tourism and
economy. Is there an architectural project or urban infrastructure, efficient and strategic,
that may spur a catalyst for change?
How the project will develop into an architecture:
Proposed is a new master plan for Detroit, which will address the 80,000 abandoned
buildings (US News), the housing crisis, socio-economic issues, and will develop into an
architectural project focusing on urban density which will benefit the quality of life of the
users and bring vitality to a once prosperous city that is now in crisis.
Critical Position:
The architecture will be derived from the perspective and consideration of structure,
circulation, function created from a system of relationships, site context, cultural
variables, urban typology, with a focus on historical urban development as a point of
reference for research.

About detroitisazombie

Master of Architecture student at Newschool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, CA. Born and raised in America's high-five state and beginning my thesis work on the revitalization of my favorite city, Detroit. This blog will log my research, discovery, and project evolution. View all posts by detroitisazombie

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